About festival

The City of West Hollywood’s Annual Russian Arts and Culture Month unites representatives of the Russian-speaking community as well as admirers of the Russian culture and provides a platform for cultural exchange. The celebration is a chance to experience firsthand the diverse offerings of the Russian cultural heritage and artistic expression found in a community, it is a chance to broaden the horizons and gain unique insights into our own communities.

This is the largest event of the Russian-speaking community on the West Coast, which annually brings together thousands of people of different ages to celebrate. 

During the celebration, which is free to the public, guests are involved in various interactive and entertaining activities both for kids and adults! Attendees visit art exhibitions, enjoy concerts with international celebrities, taste Russian cuisine, take a tour of the City of West Hollywood, enjoy other presentations.

The Russian-speaking community is an integral part of the City of West Hollywood, and entire Los Angeles area, so the goal of the Russian Arts and Culture Month is to promote dialogue, understanding, and appreciation between the global citizens of West Hollywood, greater Los Angeles, and abroad, as well as to showcase the contribution of the Russian speaking community into the life of the City and the United States of America. Traditionally, the Russian Advisory Board hosts their Annual Community Awards presentation, honoring individuals and businesses that have had a positive impact and bettered the lives of members of the community.